Cold Trap


At a Solitary Outpost, A Secret Battle for the Fate of the Planet . . .

Cold Trap by Jon Waskan Cover

The Reviews Are In, and Cold Trap THRILLS! “Waskan treats his readers with intelligence and his combination of Hard Science Fiction and thriller-like plotting brings both Kim Stanley Robinson and Poul Anderson readily to mind.”

Adam Oster, Author of The Legend of Buddy Hero: “Seemingly summoning hard science fiction experts like Michael Crichton and thriller fanatics like Tom Clancy, Waskan has done an amazing job of crafting a story in Cold Trap that engages the mind both in learning more about the world we live in as well as trying to figure out the mystery brought about at the location on the south pole of the moon… this is definitely a must read for fans of the genre.” Read Adam’s Fatmogul Blog Review

Best eBook Reviews:Among the most difficult feats in literature is to write hard science fiction that is also exciting and entertaining. I’m delighted to report that author Jon Waskan has pulled off that difficult deed here with his first novel. This is not only terrific sci-fi, but weaved within this tale of an international moon base is a murder mystery — it’s a who-done-it that will keep you guessing ‘till the end… I eagerly recommend without reservation this book to anyone looking for a mind-expanding, thought-provoking, fun and ultimately satisfying top tier science fiction read.” Read full review here.

D. Buxman (Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer):A Wonderful Break Out Effort. Cold Trap is an outstanding book where novel, yet plausible scientific scenarios complement an excellent story, filled with characters that I actually cared about… I was hooked from the first few pages and continually surprised by the way the plot developed. This book compares quite favorably to big name authors like Blake Crouch and even Stephen King… I give it 5 stars without reservation and look forward to future offerings from this author.”

M. Hills for Readers’ Favorite: “I really enjoyed the story! … a well written tale of scientific discovery and political/economic maneuvering for world dominance … Tremendous creativity and an in-depth look at exo-geology – the study of rocks and deposits on the surface of the moon and other ‘space rocks’ – create a realistic background for action involving the basic human emotions of love, greed, the desire for knowledge and the hunger for power.”

B. Howard for Readers’ Favorite: “Suspenseful, thrilling, political and economic intrigue blend with high tech science … Cold Trap will make you feel the cold darkness of the craters of the moon and the equally cold desires of the villain deep in your bones.”

K. Bennett for Readers’ Favorite: “truly an enjoyable jump into sci-fi that was advanced and yet not so far out there as to feel completely alien … If you love a rich sci-fi read, I would recommend this book”

T. Parsons for Goodreads: “There is no doubt in my mind this is a very easy rating of 5 stars.”

Jordan for Amazon: “Cold trap is an amazing sci-fi novel. There is just enough character development, just enough scene setting, and just enough development of the science underlying all of the action and adventure to jump start your imagination and hang on for the ride.”

twgin for Amazon: “a very, very good read … Congratulations to Mr. Waskan on an excellent first novel. I’ll certainly keep an eye out for further stories from him.”

Bristoff for iBooks: The detail the author puts into this book is astounding . . . Bottom line, this is an amazing story for anyone who likes the genre, pick it up.”

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Read the Back Cover and Inside FLAP

SPOILER ALERT: The drop-down menus on the science and engineering tabs above provide more information about the real-life science and technology of Cold TrapYou may wish to refrain from following these links until after you have read the novel.

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13 Responses to Cold Trap

  1. Alan says:

    I enjoyed the book but had to skip the long back story which I don’t think was essential to the novel. Let’s put it this way – I didn’t feel there were any gaps in the plot having skipped.

    Liked the idea of a space station at the Lagrange point except on further reflection realized it would be unstable in range so need lots of fuel to keep it there.

  2. Ian Palmer says:

    Really enjoyed the book. Very plausible and well written and researched.

    Definitely think a second novel featuring the rebuilding of the lunar base and the construction of a spacrecraft to jjourney to Europa would be excellent.

    The technology of cryogenic sleep would need to be developed which could be the basis for some good sub plots.

    The design and construction of the craft and its landers also very interesting.

    The novel could also introduce some new characters.

    Further issues might relate to some form of ongoing competition for lunar dominance between USA/Europe and Russia and the Chinese. Also Japan and India might have plans of their own.

    Further exploration of the rest of the moon and its potential for mining night incur the wrath of environmental groups, so another extra dimension to include.

    Think you might have the basis for at least two other novels here and this is before we even get to Jupiter.



  3. Neil Vickers says:

    Hi Jon
    Brilliant book ! Thank-you.

    Do you have any plans on sorting out a means of notifying your reader’s when the sequal to ‘Cold Trap’ becomes available ? Mailing list maybe ?

    Best Regards


  4. Toby Powell says:

    I’ve just finished Cold Trap…in one sitting as I couldn’t put it down. I’ve read more Sci Fi than I care to mention and this is genuinely amongst the best I have read for along time. I loved the mix of hard science and extrapolation, truly believable characters and a great story too. Thanks for a memorable read and please write another one soon, sequel or otherwise.

  5. Paul Robertson says:


    A fast paced thriller. Thanks for writing this possible scenario to the cosmos.

    Might the “heroes” be sent into deep space to explore?


  6. Mikey says:

    What a fantastic read! I’d love a sequel.

    Just gave you a top review on Amazon:

  7. Mark Lynch says:

    Liked it, so much as to come and say so for to the Author. I picked the Gem up on Amazon for my Kindle, and looked forward to the tram journey home after work so I could pick up where I left of. I particularly enjoy spacey-scifi novels, and this one joy to read, and just the right length not to get lost in the narrative. Thanks for your efforts Jon. I’ll keep an eye out for future stories.

  8. Keith Davis says:

    What a read. I wasn’t expecting that, a story, a murder mystery and an education in science. An intelligent and well structured novel. Thank you and more please.

  9. Steve Pacheco says:

    Just excellent. Where’s the button to request a sequel? I love the technical stuff. This is genuine Scifi.

  10. Struan Robertson says:

    A great read ,I could not put it down.
    Well paced and with just the right amount of for sight with the technology.
    I look forward to the next one.

  11. Overall, i liked the book. It had good pacing, intellectually intriguing, and suspenseful. There are real-world technologies intermingled with conceptual theories, a merger of science-fiction with science-fact. The book was a quick-paced read for me, and it sets the stage for a dynamic sic-fi world that I could definitely immerse myself into. Some of the scenes felt a little out of place to me, and I was not initially drawn in by the use of the main protagonist, but after thought I realized that all the characters were fundamentally human, and as a result man very human choices. Parts of the book delved a little too deeply into the technical side, but then I like that type of thing. If seen and taken as setting the stage for a world, this is not fundamentally bad. It should also be noted that writing takes time, and some of the technology in the book was written before the actual tech came out, but has a published date near or after some of that tech came out (as in the data specs). My only real complaint that it wasn’t available in paperback.

  12. Loved it! – Well written, interesting characters, very creative. A real scifi gem! I even recommended Cold Trap to my Dad who is also a scifi buff. I hope you keep writing and will keep a lookout for your work!

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